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Rehab in Malibuthat is certain to get your mind right

Substance abuse is one of the primary problems of the modern world. Most of the younger generation indulge in it leading to a spoilt future that is filled with troubles and tribulations. Sometimes it starts at trying to being cool whereas at other times it is an easy escape from the harsh realities of the past. No matter what be the reason Elevation Behavioral health has the right solution to every problem and substance abuse is certainly not one of the solutions. This rehab Malibu understands that getting rid of addiction requires a lot of mental conditioning and to a large extent it is problem related to psychology.

  • An easy admission process designed to understand the basic source of the addiction is followed by a test determining the extent of the problem at hand.
  • A highly experienced therapist then looks after the issue in depth and comes up with a comprehensive solution.
  • The rehab is a fully residential organization and the day of each client begins with each client taking meditation classes. This clears the mind of any kind of worries and calms the soul.’
  • Throughout the day clients indulge in activities that include brain wellness therapies and cognitive development therapies.
  • Yoga classes are also given to the patients.
  • To ensure that the problems do not resurface aftera given amount of time, the therapists use evidence based techniques.

Apart from the beautifully designed treatment process the owners of the place, Dr. Priya Chaudhri and Steven Booth, ensure that there are enough recreational facilities for the patient. This includes a swimming pool, an infinity pool, a tennis court, a flat screen TV room and a pool table. The food cooked in the rehab is also delicious and promises to keep the taste buds ringing for a long time. The staff is highly experienced and professionally trained to deal with such patients. The place also has a very good staff to client ratio meaning each patient can get enough individual care.

But the most striking feature of this rehab is the background on which it is set. Filled with soul cleansing views on each side this hill top rehab in Malibu promises to take your breath away. The pristine surroundings tend to make their own contribution to healing minds. The place has luxury written on the walls and by that I mean you can actually feel royal when you step into this rehab.

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