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Military School Review News

Every student has its own choice on career he wants to take. It depends on his own interests and decision. Well of course he wants to have the best career in his life and this comes along with the best school or university. Students who want to be in the military service think of West Point Military Academy as a school that will help them make this dream come true. West Point Military Academy has been a tourist attraction in US. This military academy is located at West Point, New York. This is a four year coeducational federal service academy and is the oldest of the five US service academies. So what with this school that attracts many students especially those who dream to be a military officer?

Admission in this school is not that easy. A student must apply directly to the academy and should be recommended by a congressman. Students in West Point Military Academy are called cadets. After completing their military education they are task to serve in the US military for five years. At West Point, cadets are given an academic program that is focused on arts and sciences which could be their strong foundation in their future military career. This enhances their character, intellectual and physical competence. West Point also provides curriculum in mathematics, social sciences especially military science. In West Point Academy cadets are given much attention and guidance because classes are often small. In this way each cadets are honed to be prepared in the military life. Cadets observe the ethical behavior of a true military officer by living the Military Ethics and Cadet Honor code.

Faculties of West Point Academy are Army officers who are master of their profession and they are the people who teach and train future Army leaders. Aside from being a school of competence, West Point is also a major tourist attraction and considered to be a national landmark because of its historical sites, buildings and monuments. Add to that is the largest museum in the United States Army. This view has been attracting many visitors and tourists alike just like the way Spain attracts tourists because of its museums and buildings especially in Barcelona. Many tourists make hotel bookings Barcelona when they plan to travel Spain. West Point Military Academy is the best option for students who dream for a career in military who aims to protect and serve one’s nation.

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