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Mario might be jumping into Xbox One!

Phil Spencer, the Head of the Xbox has expressed his desires to watch Super Mario showcase on their Console, Xbox One. He furthermore indicated that Nintendo and Microsoft may possibly be working on making original Mario bros .

Microsoft Teases

“Nintendo has the strongest first-party of anybody,” Phil spencer stated this about the Nintendo Entertainment system maker after he was questioned about the partnership. “These guys are simply remarkable and the memories that they have placed in the minds of so many of us, who had the pleasure of playing their video games and had those memorable experiences, having such an amazing experiences on Xbox would be terrific,” he further added.

This news has sparked the feeling of excitement among numerous gamers who adore classic games and wonder that Super Mario titles will shortly be playable on the Xbox One.

For Xbox One, the past couple years have proven to be successful, as they have offered the introduction of backward compatibility and the new feature called “Play Anywhere” feature that enables gamers to resume the same game whether they are playing it on Xbox One or Windows PC.

Project Scorpio might have Mario in its pocket

In 2015, a possible collaboration between Nintendo and Microsoft was also teased by Phil Spencer. With Microsoft preparing for the launch of its upcoming console Xbox One Scorpio in 2017, there is a major possibility of Super Mario launched along with the new console provided that the relationship between these two companies do come to an agreement.

To put an icing on the cake, it is also likely that Microsoft characters like Banjo Kazooie could show up in Super Smash brothers!

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