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Internet Radio: Advantages of the Internet Radio

However famous the FM Radio became, even in its prime, with innumerable radio stations to choose from, it always had its limiting factors of:

  • Limited power of the radio stations transmitter, which was typically transmitting up to 100miles
  • Limitations of the amount of stations available locally. For all the radio stations to be available in a given locality, the respective stations needed to install a transmitter in that locality.
  • Limited choice of stations.

Hence with the evolution of technology and gradual increase in use of the internet, radio also evolved into its new avatar- the internet radio. The distinct advantages that the internet radio has over traditional radio are:

  • No geographic limitation: A radio station can be accessed from any location on the planet that has connection to the internet. Although due to licencing issues, some radio stations will not be accessible in certain nations.
  • Greater Variety of Music: With the relative ease of setting up an internet radio station, there are more number of radio stations available catering to the different tastes of music.
  • Sound Quality: The quality of the music available has increased drastically as radio sounds were heavily compressed. Also, the ‘noise’ in the radio due to poor weather and interrupted reception is not a factor in internet radio.
  • Not only limited to sound: Unlike the radio, the internet radio has the ability to create both audio and visual effects as the audio can be very easily accompanied by graphics, texts and video related to the music.

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