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Facts about famous Bian Lian in Singapore

Each country in this world has their traditions and arts that speaks some rituals, culture or spirituality. Traditions and culture may look weird to many people of these days but there are some meanings that is carried by these traditions. Traditions speaks values of life, people and their identity. There are many changes happened in the values of the people because they fail to keep up traditions yet many people from certain country and villages follow and keep up traditions. Such people gives importance to traditions and rituals as they feel that they could get some spiritual connection in that. The main reason for giving importance to the traditional and culture is because they have understood the meaning that it carries. The connection with traditions and rituals release blessings which they believe. They get to understand that such traditions speaks the positive and negatives of life.

China is very famous for traditions and rituals and unlike many other countries of the world they still follow traditions for many decades. They believe in the traditions followed by ancestors and they are more spiritualistic. The one of the famous traditional art of China is mask changing performance which they follow through operas for many decades. This is very unique and there are certain secrets in this performance. Most of the time they awe struck the audience through their performance as they audience does not know how the performer changes the mask in no time. The speed and the timing matters a lot in this performance and it proves the uniqueness in it. This mask changing art is called as bian lian and it is initiated from Sizhuan back 300 years before.

Though some people tried to practice this they could not get to know it because Chinese did not reveal the secret about this art. They hold this as a secret because they consider it as unique for them and revealing the secret may bring some issues. This is often considered as magic as no one knows how they change masks, how fast they are and how it is possible with lightning speed. This is the one of the reason that this art is still famous till date and has been carried out in the places where Chinese live. Many Chinese are settled in Singapore and hence mask changing performance in singapore is very common. You can check details about it from

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