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Everything you must know about Car Covers before buying one!

Owing a personal asset like a vehicle is something that can be a great feeling. However, the cost that goes in maintenance of a car is also huge. If you are looking for fashionable car covers that can bring a great difference to the aesthetic value of your car, you are making a clever move. Having a custom tailored made car cover can prove highly beneficial by serving the following purpose:

  • Will act as a protection shield for your car’s paint and its interior skin by preventing damage from harmful radiation of the sun
  • Will help to keep the car surroundings cool in summers?
  • Will prevent damage from acid rain, bird droppings, pollutants and other external sources that can cause wear and tear

A car cover will also cut down extra cost by ensuring regular cleaning making the waxes last longer. While selecting a cover for your car can appear tricky, a little knowledge and some do’s and don’ts’s can help you find the right product.

Firstly, you will have to determine the intended use of your car cover. While some covers are specifically designed for indoor others work well as protection shields while your car stands parked inside a garage.

Secondly, be sure of how frequently you are going to use the cover. Will you require it every day or every week? A heavy weight car cover can provide extra protection but will also come with an overhead making it difficult in cleaning and carrying.

Different Materials that you can go for!

Nowadays we also have waterproof car covers that make it extra convenient in cleaning. They will not only help in preventing damage from rain but will also keep away the moisture that gets sticked to the surface due to heavy downfall.

Plastic car covers are also good options especially for people who have a limited budget. They are cheaper and ideal especially for a car that stands inside a garage during winters. To have an extra protection you can use a flannel cloth along with a plastic cover that will help to prevent damage that can arise due to fog during winters.

Omni Bag or “baggie covers “ are also good options for winter stored cars that can keep rodents and moth away keeping your car safe from wiring or insulation damages. Also if you want to keep your car protected from rodents, consider keeping a dish of water and potato buds inside your garage that will not let them reach your car letting them stick to food.

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