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Clash Royale – are there any clans and tournaments?

I will tell you directly – yes there are! The players make the tournaments themselves, you can make your own tournament. Beyond official Supercell tournaments there are a lot of tournaments made by the players in clash royale hack. This game became sport and the tournaments are held at different arenas, like Boxing or Judo. But these tournaments have some rules.

Tournaments Rules:

  • Any type of tournament must be free to enter, without any exception.
  • The holder of the tournament shall finance the tournament himself/herself. The participants shall not have to pay for participation.
  • The prizes can be up to 10000$. It can be either cash, or other items, or some things inside the game itself.
  • Terms of service and age limitations apply to all tournaments
  • The tournament can be recorded and shown on TV or at Youtube or anywhere
  • Supercell can use the tournament for advertising and promotion

As for the official tournaments, the rules are as follows: Every participant is awarded. Classical Challenge costs 10 Gems to enter and top prize can be 2000 Gold and 100 cards. Grand Challenge costs 100 Gems to enter and top prize can be 22000 Gold and 1100 cards


There are clans, but not everyone can join a clan. The player must be at least on level 3 to be able to enter a clan. There is a Clan tab and once you reach level 3 you can push it and create your own clan or send request to existing clans. Clan members help each other.

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