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A look at the Ayahuasca retreats

Are you someone who has come across the term Ayahuasca? Well, Ayahuasca is one of the most popular types of ancient medical treatment that is found in the South American countries. Ayahuasca is the medical treatment that consists of the person to take the brewed Ayahuasca in a ceremony that is held inside the hut of a Shaman. If you want to know more about the Ayahuasca, then you should read this article. This article will take a look at Ayahuasca retreats for you.

What are some of the Ayahuasca retreats for you?

There are many Ayahuasca Peruvian retreats that you can easily consider. You can use google search to look at the types of Ayahuasca Peruvian retreats for you. This section will take a look at some of the Ayahuasca retreats for you, which are listed below:

  • Blue Morph (Ayahuasca retreats): This is one of the Ayahuasca Peruvian retreats that you can use. The services that are provided by the Blue Morph Ayahuasca Peruvian retreats are listed:
  • Blue morph hosts about 5 ceremonies for drinking of Ayahuasca.
  • The area of blue morph is considered and offers safety for the customers.
  • Blue Morph offers four star accommodations for you.
  • All of the four meals are provided to the customers by Blue Morph
  • One single time conversation with the in charge shaman.
  • Group’s talks are held that discusses various topics such as mysticism, Shamanism etc.
  • There are also hikes through the Amazon jungle, dolphin viewing, river boat trips, local community trips etc.
  • Blue morph also holds yoga classes for the customers.
  • Classes that holds the shamanic skills, relaxations and also plant diets (Shamanic) and Sanango diets.
  • Group discussions about various medicinal plants and the benefits of the medicinal plants.
  • Customers of blue morph will also get help on the shamanic way of healing, the journey and also other ways of retrial of the soul.

While the San Pedro workshop of the blue morph holds:

  • 3 specific Ayahuasca ceremonies.
  • Personal healing access to the customers
  • Group talks on various topics
  • The customers will be able to get high quality vegetarian meals in San Pedro workshop.
  • The customers will access to fresh water 24/7
  • Accommodations that are provided to the customers are provided at a luxury resort.

San Pedro asks for certain fees before you can head up to the sacred places.

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